hey just shoot me an ask anytime!! [currently on vacation so no cosplay for a bit]

This is my cosplay blog

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during a photoshoot with avery, we got this beautiful video of them actually being cronus. god bless.


Some time ago we found a beautiful fanart inspired by four amazing cosplayers. We were so in love with that pic that we saidit would be a dream to replicate it!”

A year later we made it! I’m so happy!


(All the credits are here! Take a look at the original source too!)

Anonymous asked: BRO! Kill, marry, fuck: John, jake, Dave. GOOOO.



BRO: Fuck John, marry Jake and kill David.


I’ve made progress on my Lil Cal cosplay! :D
I just need whit gloves and some orange skinnies or something.


TG: hell yeah this is my fucking jam
TG: just dont tell bro
TG: or john
TG: or karkat
TG: or rose
TG: okay just dont tell anybody
TG: i cant help it iggys so damn awesome


still my favorite cosplay

i must have a weakness for gross amounts of orange 

I just bought a wig and lipstick for a roxy cosplay

i have a problem

*whispers* i want to make ffriends


[dirk cosplayer unknown]


phasers’ slightly-used tablet giveaway


- Wacom Bamboo with original components & some original packaging

used a handful of times but I’d rather it go to someone who can spend more time with it!


- you don’t have to follow me but it’d be cool if you did

- like & reblog as many times as you wish

- no giveaway blogs please!

- I will ship within Canada and the continental United States

- your inbox must be open & I will need a non-P.O. Box address!

- winner has 48 hours to respond

giveaway ends July 23rd

good luck!

Getting a wig and glasses for my god tier jade cosplay cccc:

how the fuck do you work this thing



bread is my life man

you like gluten eh? 

I got a pair of glutes you can have. 

i mean i am out of bread